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Audio Tour Hawaii : AT.Hi Terms and Conditions for Use

Who we are

Thank you for choosing Audio Tour Hawaii or AT.Hi, for short. 

Founded to give guests more responsible and fun travel options by Halia Tours and Transportation. We handle the route design and research, then find the best local guides in the industry to do the narration. The VoiceMap Travel App, a worldwide leader in GPS-guided audio tours, presents the tour. Just download it on your phone for free, then enter the tour code. They may have additional terms for you to review.


Agreement to Terms and Conditions

You agree and accept all terms and conditions by visiting our website, purchasing tour codes, and using the tours with the mobile application. In addition to these terms and our privacy policy, guests understand that to utilize our tours, it must be through the VoiceMap Travel App. Which will have its own terms and policies.


Applicable Laws and Safety

All tours have been designed to accommodate local laws, high traffic routes, more straightforward navigation, and historical sights. By using our service, you agree to follow all applicable laws and general common sense, be alert and focus on your surroundings.

In addition, you agree that if you have any problems with the app, miss a turn, want to repeat a story, or make any other adjustment, you move to a safe location and stop any movement before making corrections.

While you may connect the phone to a stereo or headset, guests agree not to touch their screen while moving. Whether on foot, on a bike, or driving a vehicle. However, we advise having a passenger in the car follow the route on their phone.


Arbitration Agreement and Notice

If any disputes arise and an amicable agreement to any dispute fails, you agree to arbitration before any other legal action. Furthermore, you agree that any arbitration and legal proceedings will be within the jurisdiction and venues in Honolulu, Hawaii.

By using our services and tour, you also agree to waive any, and all rights to any class action claim. Any and all dispute resolution will be done individually and solely. Each plaintiff must have separate and different legal representation. We reserve the exclusive right to waive this section of the terms.


Changes to Use and Terms of Service

We reserve the right to modify our terms and services at any time, based on our sole discretion. When this happens, we will communicate it through social media and other channels to the best of our ability. We cannot guarantee that this will not happen between when you purchase the tour codes and when you actually use them.

In addition, since tours are designed upon a pre-determined route and guided by GPS, built on a third-party application, guests acknowledge there are several factors out of our control.

Roads close, often without notice, for various reasons in Hawaii. Parking rules, speed limits, and multiple conditions, including traffic, frequently change. While we do our best to monitor these situations, please follow any detours and road signs, returning to the route as soon as possible. In these situations, manually play through the stories at a safe, legal, stationary location to catch up.


Eligibility for Services

While we have designed the routes to be family-friendly, with free scavenger hunts and quizzes for every route, the application is not designed to be operated by young children.

However, teenagers will have no problem operating this application. We differ to parents, educational operations, and eligible businesses and charities to decide which tour is appropriate for which age.

To purchase any tours, you must be 18 years of age or in compliance with VoiceMap and the applicable application store policies. Anyone under that age must be supervised or escorted by a legally authorized adult.


Overview of Services and Tours

Our tours are self-guided and based on GPS locational triggers. We have tried accommodating drastic differences in traffic conditions, abilities, and interests. We have meticulously researched stories and narration included in the tour.

While you can purchase the tours in various locations, they are exclusively served on the VoiceMap Travel Application. The tours even work offline, and you can play them virtually from anywhere.

While many tours offer the opportunity to join along the route, we always recommend joining from the start or playing the first location before joining from your preferred location.

Where possible, all tours are designed on a handicapped accessible base, with various adventure options for you to enjoy.


Registration and Account Security

We use FareHarbor for purchasing tour voucher codes. They do not require an account when buying. However, you will have to confirm the payment information. Guests purchasing direct via VoiceMap or any other distributor may have to set up an account governed by that third party.


Using the Tour Services

All audio tours are served on the VoiceMap travel app, free to download for Apple and Android devices. We design family-friendly tours with a wide variety of options to enhance the experience.

The tour voucher codes purchased on this website are available for one-time redemption only on VoiceMap. Please review any of their applicable terms and policies.

Under certain circumstances, we may help Community members produce their own tours. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in narrating a story of your own.


Purchasing Fees, Terms and Conditions

If you purchase through VoiceMap or third-party vendors, you are also subject to any of their policies or fees. We use FareHarbor to distribute voucher codes on this website and Stripe to process payments. Each company may have fees, policies, and associated terms and conditions. Hawaii State General Excise Tax is added at purchase as required by law.

You must input payment information such as credit card number, expiration date, etc. You will then receive a confirmation email that shall serve as a receipt of payment and voucher code delivery method.

We reserve the right to change any prices at any time without notice. However, such changes will not be retroactive and will only apply to future bookings.


Intellectual Property and Content Ownership

Besides any additional stipulations by VoiceMap, we reserve the right to set individual terms of ownership for any tour set up through Audio Tour Hawaii.

Unless explicitly agreed upon in writing, all contents, information, images, routes, audio, and content are owned by Halia Tours and Transportation, doing business as Audio Tour Hawaii for these GPS-guided tours.

Purchasing tour codes or other services only grants personal use on a noncommercial device. You may not reproduce, redistribute, modify, or profit in any way, without a prearranged written agreement with Audio Tour Hawaii.

You acknowledge that all content is protected by United States copyright, trademark, and other legal safeguards.


Links to Third-Party Resources and Websites

This website and application may contain links to third-party websites. While we only link to trusted sources, we are not responsible for any of their functions, content, or changes to either.


Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement

You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Audio Tour Hawaii, Halia Tours and Transportation, any and all service partners from any liability in your use of any service or product. This includes any damage claim from losses, expenses, injury, fees, or other costs resulting from your use of this service.

In addition, any such claims of loss will be capped at the amount of money you spent on tours and services through Audio Tour Hawaii only. Which shall be capped at one hundred dollars and returned in the method it was collected.


Refund Policy for Tour Codes

All payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable unless previously specified in writing. In addition, we reserve the right to cancel charges and tour codes if we believe the payment was made fraudulently.

While we stand by the quality of the stories, narration, and VoiceMap Travel Application, we generally have a strict no refund policy. Especially if the voucher code has been redeemed through the application. However, if any problems arise or you have any questions, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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AT.Hi Privacy Policy

At Audio Tour Hawaii, or AT.Hi for short, we believe in customer privacy We do sell any of your information to third parties.  By using our website or services, you also agree to our Terms and Conditions.