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GPS guided walking tour along the historic trail exploring Downtown Honolulu.​
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GPS Guided Downtown Historical Honolulu Walking Tour

There is so much history in the Capital City of Hawaii.  This historical Honolulu Walking Tour will take you through the last 300 years.  Learn about the Kingdom of Hawaii, arrival of a new religion, the overthrow of the Government, and some contemporary information.  Learn more about Chinatown, World War II and much more.  The tour starts at Kamehameha Statue and ends near Iolani Palace across the street.  Only blocks from the harbor, this is perfect for guests in town on cruise ships.

  • Statues and Memorials: Start at the Kamehameha Statue, then see one of his son Kauikeaouli.  Visit Elvis Presley, Dr. Sun Yet San, Queen Liliuokalani, and much more.
  • Museums and Galleries: Choose from the Judiciary Museum, Mission Houses, Modern Art Museum, a variety of Chinatown Art Galleries, and of course, Iolani Palace.
  • Churches, Cathedrals, Cemeteries: Learn about Kawaiahao Church, the Mission Cemetery, St. Andrews Cathedral, and the Cathedral associated with two Saints.
  • Foot and Drink Options: Sample a wide variety of foods including food trucks, sit down restaurants, dim sum, local bars, noodle factories and more.
  • Unique Shopping Opportunities: Choose from a variety of shopping along the route including gift shops, flowers shops in Chinatown and more.
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Experience Historical Downtown Honolulu on this Self-Guided Walking Tour

This tour helps you explore the area once known as Kou, know known as Downtown Honolulu.  We begin at the statue of the first King of Hawaii at we end by the last Queen of Hawaii and Iolani Palace.  Along the way you will learn about the Monarchy, as well as the overthrow.

Hawaii Five-0 fans will immediately recognize the famous headquarters of the show, and there are several other highlights from that series along the way.  Elvis Presley fans have the opportunity to visit his statue at the Neil Blaisdell Center.  There is a little something for everyone on this Honolulu walking tour.

You will also visit Chinatown and learn a little more about World War II.  The route even takes you past the oldest bar and tattoo shop in Honolulu.   After that, we take a walk down to see Aloha Tower where the visitor industry got jump started.

Fun, Facts, and Food on this Historical Hononlulu Walking Tour

There is a little something for everyone along this GPS-triggered self-guided Honolulu Walking Tour.  It is a perfect activity for guests who visit Pearl Harbor on their own, people visiting Iolani Palace or the Honolulu Museum of Art, Chinatown, and itʻs just a short walk from the cruise ships.  The route covers over 300 years of history in about 2 hours and there are a variety of churches, museums, galleries, and statues to learn about as you explore this wonderful city.

downtown honolulu walking tourThis GPS Guided Honolulu Walking Tour begins at the Kamehameha Statue. From there we will explore the urban areas and quieter parts of town.

The route is about 3.5 miles and takes about 2 hours to complete, but there are various shortcuts along the path for you to save time. 


kamehameha statue downtown honoluluLearn more about Kamehameha the Great and what is name means as we stand below his statue in Downtown Honolulu.

This statue is located acrross from Iolani Palace where we end the tour and in front of Aliiolani Hale on King Street.  

Hawaii Five-0 Headquarters HonoluluBehind the Kamehameha Statue is Aliiolani Hale.  There is a free judiciary museum inside and the building still houses the Hawaii Sureme Court.

Fans of the famous television show Hawaii Five-0 will recognize it as the Headquarters of the famous fictional police unit.

Kawaiahao Church Historic HonoluluLearn about the “Stone Church” actually built from crushed coral slabs, Kawaiahao Church as we walk around the grounds.

If it is open, you are welcome to explore the grounds.  They even have their own audio tour for those who want to learn even more.

Located on the grounds of Kawaiahao Church is the Tomb of William Charles Lunalilo, who was the first elected King of Hawaii.

Learn why we call him The Peoples King and if the gates are open you can even stop and pay your respects before we continue around the corner.

The first Missionaries in Hawaii stayed right here.  There is a grass house replica, as well as the original structures of their more permanent homes.

If you want to tour the Mission Houses and Museum, just pause the tour and resume when you are ready to continue the Honolulu Walking Tour.

When the Hawaii Five-0 reboot premiered they didnʻt use Aliiolani Hale as the headquarters originally.  We walk by the building they chose for the first few seasons.

You will learn what the building was and what happened in the television show that let them move HQ back to the original location.

As we walk along King Street we will see the Catholic Cemetery that shares itʻs name.  You will hear a bit about Catholicism in Hawaii.

You will also learn about some of the residents in the Cemetery, including a Tahitian Princess, as well as the building next door One Archer Place.

You will have the option to visit the Elvis Presley Statue at the Neil Blaisdell Center nearby the route of this Honolulu Walking Tour.

As we approach we will also share about his famous live televised concert Aloha From Hawaii which happened at this Arena.

Kamehameha Third Statue HonoluluPerhaps the busiest King in human history, we will share a bit about Kauikeaouli and show you his statue in Thomas Square Park.

He was styled as Kamehameha the III and was the younger brother of Liholiho or Kamehameha II.  You will learn about a few of his many accomplishments.

Thomas Square Park is where one of the most important events in the Kingdom of Hawaii took place and is named in honor of British Captain Richard Thomas.

You will learn that story and here what the words engraved in the wall behind the Kamehameha III statue (and the seal at the State Capital) mean.

Visit Honolulu Museum of ArtGuests that wish to visit the Honolulu Museum of Art can easily pause the tour, explore that across the street and then resume the Honolulu Walking Tour when they are ready.

You will want to budget a couple of extra hours and you may want to see what is playing in the Doris Duke Theater before you go.

We walk by the main station for the Honolulu Police Department after Thomas Square Park.  You will learn a little about itʻs creation and an officer shot by the perpetrators of the overthrow.

You will learn about an event that led to the creation of the modern force and can visit the Law Enforcement Memorial before we cross to Queens Medical Center.

Located nearby the route is the Nagasaki Peace Bell and if you are doing this after visiting Pearl Harbor, we highly recommend the short walk.

It is located nearby the Honolulu Law Enforcement Memorial which you can also visit before we cross toward Queens Hospital.

Hear about the hospital featured in Hawaii Five-0 as Kings Hospital.  Itʻs actually Queenʻs Hospital and to this day provides care for folks who canʻt afford it.

It was founded by Kamehameha the Fourth and his wife, Queen Emma.  They personally raised funds for the construction of this hospital.

Visit the Honolulu Eternal Flame and pay your respects to citizens of Hawaii lost in Wars throughout the years.

You will learn a little about itʻs designer and see the Punchbowl Crater behind it, where the designer of this memorial now rests.

On this historical Honolulu Walking Tour we walk past Queen Liliuokalaniʻs private residence, known as Washington Place. 

You will hear about her favorite flower and some details about her personal life as we walk towards Downtown.  

Learn about the Anglecian Cathedral on this Downtown Honolulu Walking Tour and why it is named in honor of St. Andrew.

We will also share a bit about the fountain.  If the Cathedral is open and you want to visit, pause the tour and resume when you are finished.

You can visit the Catholic Cathedral associated with Father Damien and Sister Marianne Cope in historic Honolulu.

You will also see a Monument honoring Portuguese Immigrants as you enter the Fort Street Mall area on the way to Chinatown.

This Honolulu Walking Tour takes you past the Hawaii Theatre on the way to Chinatown.  You will learn a bit about itʻs fascinating history.

This award winning theatre has survived 100 years and all the different phases of the neighborhood and is now running shows.

Known as the Father of Modern China, this revolutionary was actually educated in Hawaii as well as America, Canada and Europe.

Learn about him as you walk through the park named in his honor as you enter the Chinatown District in histoic Honolulu.

Explore Chinatown and sample the food, smell the flowers, or visit some of the unique art galleries in the area.

Considered the oldest Chinatown in the Nation, we will share itʻs story as we walk through the area back towards Downtown Honolulu.

Learn a bit about Hawaiian Patriot Robert Wilcox at his statue in the Fort Street Mall on this Honolulu Walking Tour.

A complicated and passionate man, he participated in to rebellions in favor of Queen Liliuokalani and then served the US Congress.

After walking through the Chinatown District we head to the Aloha Tower Marketplace where cruise ships still arrive today.

You will learn a bit about the history of Matson and the start of mass tourism in the Hawaiian Islands and itʻs relationship to Annexation.

Learn about both of Hawaiiʻs Saints as you visit the statue of Father Damien outside of the Hawaii State Capital Building.

When he passed away due to Hansens Disease, Sister Marianne Cope took over and was also granted Statehood for her acts.

We end our tour after visiting the Hawaii State Capital Building where we will share a bit about itʻs unique design.

As we walk towards the building, we will also point out the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials located on the grounds.

Spirt of Liliuokalani Statue

We end the tour at the Spirit of Liliuokalani Statue between the State Capital Building and Iolani Palace, across from where we started.

After you finish this Historic Honolulu Walking Tour we highly recommend visiting Iolani Palace and doing one of their toursl.

Add More to this Historical Honolulu Walking Tour

This historical Honolulu walking tour is a great way to explore Downtown.  But there is so much more to see!  Make sure to take a look at these similar GPS-guided excursions to enhance your trip to Oahu.  This is a perfect addition to any self-guided trip to Pearl Harbor, regardless of whether you rented a car, took the bus, or caught a ride.

In addition, when you purchase any combo tour where more than one device is recommended, we will provide a discount code for any additional purchases.  Of course any local, military and group discounts apply to combination tours as well as individual routes.

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