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Great Local Discounts on Hawaii Activities with AT.Hi

Experience the most famous Hawaii scenic views and historic sights with the AT.Hi downloadable GPS tour.  Weʻve incorporated the Historic Trail into fun, informative walking tours.  But why should visitors get to have all the fun?  Audio Tour Hawaii provides local discounts on Hawaii activities for school groups, residents, military, and Company employee training programs.

Not Just For Visitors

Locals and military get 25% OFF
20 % All local residents
  • Self Driving Tours
  • Walking Tours
  • GPS Bike Tours

Schools and Companies

For Hawaii schools and businesses
30 % Bulk purchase vouchers
  • 5+ Self Driving Tours
  • 20+ Walking Tours
  • 20+ GPS Bike Tours
Bulk Deals

After you have received your local discounts on your audio tour, redeem them on VoiceMap.  It is a free travel app you can use worldwide, not just on the islands.  Rated 4.8 Stars in the Apple App store, it works when you are offline as well.  Also available on iOS from the Google Play Store.

Local Discounts with Fun and Free Hawaii Activities

GPS Audio Tours

Self Guided Audio Tours can be enjoyed on foot, by bike, or driving around the island.

Scavenger Hunts

Hands on scavenger hunts for kids, extra entertainment, or even for tour training programs.

Free & Fun Quizzes

Two free Easy(ish) or Hard(er) quizzes for every offering fom Audio Tour Hawaii.

Audio Tour Hawaii Storytellers & Virtual Guides

We work exclusively with local tour professionals to provide the best experience possible.  While Halia Tours and Transportation does the majority of research, we use local guides, trainers, and Community members.

audio guide tour host


Born and raised in Hawaii, surfer, family man, grandfather, and professional tour guide extraordinaire.


Kapena is a long-time professional tour guide, actor, and entertainer. Born and raised on Oahu, Kap is a Military Veteran.


Granddaughter of Queen Liliuokalaniʻs personal retainer, Malia is also a State Tour Guide Certification Instructor and sales professional.

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Active/Retired Military

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