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Contemporary Waikiki Walking Tour App for the Historic Trail

Are you a Hawaii Five-0 fan?  Were you planning on visiting the Fort DeRussy Army Museum?  This tour is perfect for you.  The self guided route spans the 20th and 21st Centuries and is a great way to follow up Part 1: Hawaiian Royalty.  Explore the Kalia side of Waikiki and Ala Moana while learning about the contemporary history of the area.    By the end of the route on this walking tour app, you will have a much greater understanding of the Waikiki Historic Trail and plenty of fun to go along with it.

  • Waikiki Historic Trail: Visit stops 12-23 on the historic trail.  We provide background information between each stop  
  • Shopping Options: Hilton Hawaiian Village and the Ala Moana Shopping Mall offer a variety of shops and stands.
  • Food Options: Beach stands and bars, variety of sit down dining options, local barbecue and the Food Court.
  • Historical Options: Fort DeRussy, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Ilikai Hotel, Ala Moana Beach Park, Hawaii Convention Center, King Kalakaua Statue, Brother in Valor Memorial
  • Shortcuts and Sections: This tour can easily be broken into three different segments with a variety of transportation nearby.
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Walking Tour App with contemporary history to enhance the Waikiki Historic Trail

There is so much history in Waikiki!  This side of town showcases Military, Entertainment, and traditional history.  We have incorporated the second half of the Waikiki Historic Trail for you to experience as well.  We share stories in between and help you find the historical markers.

There are two main shopping and dining areas along this route.  The Hilton Hawaiian Village, Ala Moana Shopping Center and basically everything in between.  You can even take a break in  Ala Moana Park  and cool off with a dip in protected, shallow waters.

This Waikiki self-led excursion is GPS guided and easy to follow.  You can join from anywhere along the route, but we definitely recommend starting from the beginning.  It is built on the worldwide VoiceMap travel and walking tour app, which is free to download and easy to use.

Explore and learn about the Kalia side of Waikiki

We incorporated the surfboard markers and stories from the Waikiki Historic Trail map into this walking tour.  There are opportunities for history buffs to learn more along the route.  Learn more about local legends Duke Kahanamoku along with worldwide celebrities like Elvis Presley.  All the while enjoying the modern amenities that this world-famous town has to offer on this walking tour app.

walking tour route map

This GPS Guided Walking Audio Tour begins outside the Fort DeRussy Army Museum in Waikiki.  From there we head to Ala Moana and then back by the Convention Center.

The route is about 3 miles and takes a minimum of 2 hours to complete, but there are various options along the path for you to enjoy.

diamond head waikiki sunriseWe begin the tour at stop 13 on the Waikiki Historic Trail. The surfboard marker is gone but you can view the area.

We highly encourage guests to read remaining surfboard markers and follow along at for extra information.

walking tour app stopLearn more information about what was here before the Fort DeRussy Army Museum from stop 14 of the Waikiki Historic Trail.

As we walk you will learn more about the Military in Waikiki and hear a little about the attacks on Pearl Harbor as you walk that direction.

Learn a little about the Hale Koa, which means house of the warrior.  It is a military hotel located in Fort DeRussy Park.

There is also a bar near the beach as well as several restaurants located inside the hotel, a short walk from the path.

historic Hilton Village WaikikiRead more about Duke Kahanamoku at stop 16 from the Waikiki Historic Trail before visiting the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

The surfboard marker is located nearby the famous bar from Hawaii Five-0 where MacGarett and Danno used to get cocktails.

Hilton walking tour appLearn more about the world famous Hilton Hawaiian Village and itʻs Rainbow Tower at stop 23 from near the base.

You will also get great views of the tower with Diamond Head in the background as you walk along the lagoon and beach.

Learn more about the area where the Hilton Hawaiian Village sits today as you explore the grounds.  You can shop, sip cocktails, get some ice cream and more.

There is also a display about Duke Kahanamoku near the Great Lawn and a historical wall at the Tapa Tower to learn even more.

This stop will share more about the traditional history of the Kalia area we are exploring on stop 22 from the Waikiki Historic Trail.

There are also duck ponds and a statue of hula dancers nearby as you make your way over to the Ilikai Hotel and Marina.

historic ilikai audio tourVisit the Ilikai Hotel and Marina made famous by the television show Hawaii Five-0.  It was featured in both the original and reboot.

While you are on the patio, make sure to look up the information for stop 17 on to learn more about the area.

As you walk across the bridge towards Ala Moana Beach Park you will be met with the opening shot from the classic television show Gilliganʻs Island.

You will also see the Waikiki Yacht Club as you walk towards the entrance to the beach park.  If you do this tour in three sections, this would be the end of the first.

Ala Moana Park EntranceAs you enter Ala Moana Beach Park, pause and look up the information for stop 18 on before continuing.

This is located nearby several transportation options both to and from Waikiki and if you do the tour in 3 sections, this will start the 2nd part of the route.

Guests have the option to stop and shop at the Ala Moana Center outside of the park.  There is a food court as well as a variety of shops and restaurants.

For guests doing the tour in 3 sections this is an easy spot to start the 3rd segment and offers a variety of transportation options to and from Waikiki.

Learn about the person who Atkinson Street is named after as we walk towards the mountains and the Hawaii Convention Center.

He is largely responsible for the removal of the Hawaiian Language from local school systems and a vocal proponent of Annexation.

water giver statue hawaiiVisit the Water Giver Statue at the Hawaii Convention Center as you begin your walk back into Waikiki for the finale of this walking tour.

You will also learn more about the water table, how we get our drinking water and a little about the Red Hill Water Crisis on the island of Oahu.

hawaii convention center statueLearn a bit more about the Hawaii Convention Center as you walk around the building and head back towards Waikiki.

It is stop number 19 on the Waikiki Historic Trail and the surfboard marker is located by the bridge on the mountain side.

You will learn a little more about Waikiki landowners as you cross over streets in the area named in their honor.

You will also have a few food options and a couple convenience stores for supplies to finish up the walking route.

Historic Trail Fort DeRussyWe return to Fort DeRussy on the mountain side of the park for stop number 20 on the Waikiki Historic Trail.

You will also learn a bit about what events led up to the Bayonette Constitution and Annexation as you walk towards the Kalakaua Statue.

King Kalakaua Statue WaikikiVisit the Statue of David Laamaea Kalakaua, the Merry Monarch as you return to Waikiki.  It is stop 21 on the Waikiki Historic Trail.

As you leave the park, you will hear a little about his nephewʻs time as a Territorial Representative to the United States Congress.

Learn more about Japanese American efforts and heroism in World War II, both at home and abroad near the Fort DeRussy Chapel.

The Brothers in Valor Memorial pays tribute to these brave service members, many of whom became part of the Go For Broke Brigade.

walking tour app finale

We end this tour at the surfboard marker for Helumoa, which is stop 12 on the Waikiki Historic Trail.  We visit that area in Part 1: Hawaiian Royalty.

This marker will give you a little more information about what you will learn in that Waikiki Walking Tour which focuses on the Diamond Head side.

Add More to this Waikiki Walking Military History Tour

This Military History Tour focuses on the Ala Moana Side of town.  But there is so much more to learn while you explore with this walking tour app.  So make sure to check out some of the other routes we offer.  They are all narrated by real local guides who have a connection to the stories they share along the way.  

In addition, when you purchase any combo tour where more than one device is recommended, we will provide a discount code for any additional purchases.  Of course any local, military and group discounts apply to combination tours as well as individual routes.

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