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GPS Guided Pearl Harbor Tour Self Driving Tour

This historic Honolulu and Pearl Harbor tour and audio guide is perfect for those visiting the memorial on their own.  You can reserve your tickets to the Arizona Memorial and begin this self-driving Pearl Harbor tour with facts and turn-by-turn directions when you finish.  We included all the classics plus a few attractions not covered on traditional Pearl Harbor tours.

  • Pearl Harbor Attractions: Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, Bowfin Submarine
  • Shopping Options: Pearl Harbor Memorial Gift Shops, Aloha Stadium Swap Meet (Wed, Sat, Sun), NEX (Military ID), Palace Gift Shops
  • Food Options: Aloha Stadium (Wed, Sat, Sun), NEX, Big Kahuna Pizza, Nicoʻs Pier 38, Itchy Butt Chicken
  • Historical Options: Iolani Palace, Queen Emma Summer Palace, Punchbowl, National Cemetery, Downtown Honolulu Walking Audio Tour
  • Scenic Lookouts: Nuuanu Pali Scenic Lookout, Tantalus Scenic Lookout Finale (Sunset HIGHLY Recommended)
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GPS Guided Virtual Audio Pearl Harbor Tour Details

Did you know that even on a private tour, guides cannot show you around the Pearl Harbor National Memorial?  Itʻs true. Just like those tours, we begin after you visit whatever attractions at Pearl Harbor you want.  They even offer an audio and Pearl Harbor virtual tour with tickets to the Arizona Memorial

The best part of a classic Pearl Harbor tour, other than the tickets, is the ride.  A good guide with a fascinating narrative and Pearl Harbor facts can make all the difference.  Thatʻs why we give you turn-by-turn directions to historic Downtown Honolulu, Punchbowl National Cemetery, Queen Emmaʻs Summer Palace, and the Pali Lookout.  Except if you want, you can actually tour Iolani Palace.

You can even enjoy the Historic Honolulu Walking Tour to buy time until sunset.  This Pearl Harbor tour is an easy addition to your visit to the Memorial and costs half as much as a tour!  Use those savings to see other great attractions in Hawaii.  It also makes a great addition to any of our other Oahu self-guided driving tours.  

Historic Honolulu & Pearl Harbor Virtual Tour Highlights

Here are just a few highlights, stop options, narration previews, and Pearl Harbor facts.  The route was designed and researched by Halia Tours and Transportation, a five-star private tour Company.  It is designed to mimic the experience of a classic Pearl Harbor tour while giving you the freedom and flexibility of your own vehicle. Local guides share stories through the worldwide traveler app VoiceMap

This GPS Guided Self Driving Audio Tour begins after you visit the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. Then we drive you through Downtown and the mountains above the city.

The route is about 30 miles and takes a minimum of 2 hours to complete, but there are various options along the path for you to enjoy. 

pearl harbor tour parkingYou can go straight to the Arizona Memorial and see whatever other attractions you like.  Donʻt forget to reserve your tickets in advance!

For those who want an audio guide while touring inside the Pearl Harbor National War Memorial, the National Park Service offers an excellent option.  

The Aloha Stadium typically operates the Swap Meet on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  When it is open, guests can stop and shop along the route.

For those not interested in shopping, or for days when it is closed, we will share stories about its history.  It has been home to countless concerts and once hosted the Hawaii Islanders semi-pro baseball team.

Joint Base Pearl Harbor

Learn more about the COMPAC Fleet and its headquarters in the Pacific as we drive towards the Navy Exchange Store and Downtown Honolulu.

Pearl Harbor is still a very active Military installation and you will hear more about Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, and some of the equipment they have.

Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange

Those with Military I.D. can shop at the Navy Exchange Store and save about 25% on souvenirs.  If you do have access, we definitely recommend this stop.

For everyone else, we will share some of the history of the NEX, and you are welcome to stop and use the restroom or get some snacks at the food court.

Learn about Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz as you drive towards Downtown Honolulu on the Highway named in his honor.

He served his Country in two World Wars and let the Pacific Fleet after the attacks on Pearl Harbor.  If you visit the Battleship Missouri, there is a statue of him at the entrance.

Hokulea Navigation CanoeHear the story of how Hawaii was found by some of the best navigators, explorers, and astronomers in human history.  

If this story sounds familiar, it is probably because it helped inspire Disney and the movie Moana.  You can learn more about its worldwide voyage.

Weʻll drive you past the filming location for the series finale of the Hawaii Five-0 reboot.  Itʻs at the shipping yards on the way to Honolulu from Pearl Harbor by where we recommend eating lunch.

The episode was simply called “Aloha” and featured one more battle, then one last goodbye as Steve McGarrett departs Hawaii for what appears to be the final time.

Nicos Fishmarket Honolulu

Nicoʻs Pier 38 is a local favorite for great food.  The seafood doesnʻt get much fresher, and they have three different dining styles.  

There is a poke shack, sit-down restaurant, and fine dining vibes for guests.  The food is outstanding local style, with some American options, but we recommend the seafood.

Learn about the Honolulu Harbor, which is what gives the capital of Hawaii its name.  Itʻs also the harbor where the fish came in that you probably just ate at Nicoʻs Pier 38.

Nearly everything in Hawaii is imported and, at one point or another, will come through this harbor.  It is the lifeline of modern Oahu, and by extension, the neighbor islands.

Drive past the Aloha Tower on the way to Punchbowl National Cemetery from Pearl Harbor.  We will share some stories about the tower as an option to visit it later in the day.

At 10 stories, it was once the tallest tower in Hawaii.  After the attacks on December 7, 1941, the building was painted in camouflage. 

Learn more about the Kou area, the traditional name for much of Downtown Honolulu.  Hear stories about itʻs past while we drive up to the Punchbowl National Cemetery.

You also will have an option to walk through and visit Downtown Honolulu later in the tour when we stop at the Kamehameha Statue after the Pali Lookout.

Drive through or visit the Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery during the Pearl Harbor and Historical Honolulu tour.  

We will share history about the beginning of the Cemetery, now known as the Arlington of the Pacific, and visitor information.

Learn stories about Queen Emma as you drive to the Nuuanu Pali Lookout, and by her Summer Palace.  You can visit the Palace by booking a private tour in advance, and weʻll point out where to turn.

The Palace is called Hanaiakamalama and the Queen retreated here for nearly 30 years.  It wonʻt take long to realize why she loved it so dearly.

There were five Kings in the Kamehameha Dynasty, and they all made lasting impacts. Queen Emma married Alexander Liholiho, known as Kamehameha the Fourth.

After he passed away, his older brother Lot Kapuaiwa would be the last of the direct heirs of Kamehameha to grace the thrown.  Weʻll share a little more of that story as you drive to the Nuuanu Pali Lookout.

Learn about the famous battle in 1795 where Kamehameha conquered the island of Oahu.  The Nuuanu Pali scenic lookout is the site where this battle took place.

Hear about Kamehamehaʻs war fleet and how that didnʻt intimidate the warriors on this island.  Not a single one would surrender during the Battle of Nuuanu.

Nuuanu Pali Scenic Lookout

The Nuuanu Pali Scenic Lookout offers breathtaking views of Windward Oahu.  From here you can see Kualoa, Kaneohe, Mokapu, Kailua and more.

When you arrive weʻll share some info on what you are looking at, as well as handy parking information.  Afterward, weʻll tell you one of our favorite stories.

Learn about the four principle Gods in the Hawaiian Kapu System while we drive back towards Downtown Honolulu from the Pali Lookout.

You will also hear more about Captain Cook and Kamehameha.  Then a young warrior, ʻThe Lonely One,” was quite interested in the weapons these Western sailors had brought along.

Learn about the founders of the Queens Medical Center in Downtown Honolulu.  Set up to provide quality medical care for Native Hawaiian regardless of ability to pay.

You may recognize this hospital from the Hawaii Five-0 Reboot.  In the show, they call it ʻKings Hospitalʻ in the television show.

Kamehameha Statue Downtown Honolulu

Visit the Kamehameha Statue in Downtown Honolulu, and weʻll give you some hints to finding parking.  The Statue was ordered for King Kalakauaʻs Coronation Ceremony.

Kamehameha is the King who conquered the Hawaiian Islands, uniting them under one flag.  The Statue was also prominently featured in Hawaii Five-0.

Kawaiahao Church Downtown Honolulu

See Kawaiahao Church as we drive from the Kamehameha Statue up to the Tantalus Lookout.  Itʻs located a block from the statue and Iolani Palace in Downtown.

Nicknamed ʻthe Stone Churchʻ itʻs actually made of crushed coral slabs.  The mausoleum for King William Charles Lunalilo is also on the grounds.

Hawaiian Olympians Honolulu Mural

See the mural of Olympic Gold Medalists Duke Kahanamoku and Carissa Moore as we drive through Downtown Honolulu to Tantalus Lookout.

Hear stories about the Dukeʻs Olympic achievements as well as Carissaʻs.  She won the first-ever gold medal for the Womanʻs Olympic Surfing Competition.

Guests can stop at Itchy Butt Chicken along the way to the lookout at Tantalus on top of Puualakaa.  It makes for the perfect picnic lunch or dinner.

The parking lot is small, and there is no dine-in option.  We recommend guests call ahead to order food and then eat it at the scenic lookout.

Learn about High Chief Keeaumoku, the Prince Slayer, and the King Maker.  We drive up a street in Honolulu probably named after his son.

He was involved in virtually every transition of power in the islands during the second half of the 18th Century.  His daughter would also marry Kamehameha the Great.

Pearl Harbor Tour Scenic Stops

As you drive up the cinder cone at Puuualakaa you will learn more about the volcanic history of Oahu.  Including the secondary eruptions of the Honolulu Rejuvenation State.

From the car, you will see Leahi, otherwise known as Diamond Head, which is a volcanic tuff cone.  You will also see and learn more about Manoa Valley below you.

Blue Hawaii Sunset View

We definitely saved the best for last.  The lookout on top of Puuualakaa offers breathtaking views of the city, no matter what time of day.

With that being said, the view is exceptionally gorgeous at sunrise, and we recommend timing your tickets for Pearl Harbor and Downtown Honolulu tour accordingly.

Add More Self-Guided Excursions to this Pearl Harbor Tour

This self-driving Pearl Harbor virtual tour drives you through Downtown Honolulu, so you might as well add a walking tour of the City.  If you are thinking about the exploring the rest of the island, weʻve got you covered.  Hereʻs a few more GPS-guided routes you might want to think adding to get more military history and Pearl Harbor facts.

In addition, when you purchase any combo tour where more than one device is recommended, we will provide a discount code for any additional purchases.  Of course any local, military and group discounts apply to combination tours as well as individual routes.

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