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GPS Guided North Shore Surf and Adventure Self Driving Excursion

This self-guided North Shore Surf and Adventure Tour will share legendary tales about surfing in Hawaii while you drive some of the most beautiful coastline on the planet.  During the winter you may see massive waves with surfers trying to escape their clutches.  But during the summer season the water is typically calm and flat, great for swimming.  You will also get turn by turn directions as well as recommendations along the way.

  • Beautiful Beaches: Kualoa Beach Park, Kahana Bay, Hukilau Beach Park, Kuilima Cove, Kawela Bay, Sunset Beach, Pipeline, Sharkʻs Cove, Waimea Bay, Lanaikea and Haleiwa
  • Hiking & Scenery: Crouching Lion, Laie Lookout, Kawela and Ehukai Pill Boxes
  • Shopping Options: Windward Mall in Kaneohe, Olomana Orchids, Coral Kingdom, Tropical Farms, Kahuku Sugar Mill, Turtle Bay, North Shore Macadamia Nuts, Haleiwa Town
  • Food Options: Way to many to mention them all! Waiahole, the Kahuku and Sharkʻs Cove Food Trucks and much more
  • Additional Attractions: Kualoa Ranch, Kahana Adventures, Polynesian Cultural Center, Gunstock Ranch, Kaena Climbworks, The Stables, surf lessons, snorkel, paddle board, and kayak rentals
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GPS Guided Virtual Audio Pearl Harbor Tour Details

Did you know that even on a private tour, guides cannot legally stop at most the beaches on the North Shore?  Itʻs true. So sometimes a rental car or ride share are your only options.  So we created this audio tour to help share stories, customs, as well as tips and tricks along the way.

Itʻs a relatively easy drive, other than all the curves and traffic.  But some of the best beaches and surf breaks in the World are found along this route.  Since no where else on the planet surfed like in Hawaii, we also share some legendary stories about the sport called hee nalu, or wave sliding. 

You can spend the whole day on this tour or just drive through in a few hours.  There is a huge variety of places to sample local flavors, do a little shopping and get great photos.  If youʻre looking to explore even more, this tour is part of the Self-Guided Circle Island Tour.

Eastern Coast and North Shore Oahu Surf Tour Highlights

Here are just a few highlights, stop options, narration previews, and North Shore Oahu surffacts.  The route was designed and researched by Halia Tours and Transportation, a five-star private tour Company.  It gives you local stories and recommendations, while giving you the freedom and flexibility of your own vehicle. Each tour is delivered through the worldwide app VoiceMap

This GPS Guided Self Driving Audio Tour begins in the parking lot of the Windward Mall in Kaneohe near the Leonardʻs Malasada Mobile Truck.  

The route is about 40 miles and takes a minimum of 3 hours to complete, but there are various options along the path for you to enjoy. 

Learn a bit about the Hawaiian Creation Chant known as the Kumulipo and a famous battle involving the Sky Father Wakea and Goddess Haumea.

Weʻll also give you an introduction to hee nalu, or wave sliding and stories about traditional Hawaiian sport of surfing as we begin our drive to the North Shore Oahu surf coast.

As you drive along the Kahekili Highway you will learn a bit about that Maui Chief and why thereʻs a highway on Oahu named after him.  

You will also learn about 8 legendary Oahu warriors and their raid against Kahekili in Waikiki.  We share stories even more stories along the way.

Learn about the first person to find Hawaii and a bit about the complicated genealogical lines between the Chiefs and Gods.

Many of which were surfers.  The connections extend to the land, skies, seas and the plants as well and youʻll hear some of those stories.

There is a Waiahole Poi Factory at the Windward Mall, so we suggest eating lunch there if you start the tour in the afternoon.  But the original is named after the place it is located.

On the way, we share the story of Kalo or Taro in these islands and itʻs direct connection the the people here.

As we shift from the Kahekili to the Kamehameha Highway, we will share more about their relationship and events leading up to the Battle of Oahu.

Of course, weʻll aslso share some surfing stories, place names, and Gods and Goddesses related with the area we are driving through.

Hear the story of how Hawaii was found by some of the best navigators, explorers, and astronomers in human history.  

You will also hear about the launch of the Hokulea here, a traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe.  Weʻll also share the story behind the place names of the area.

You have the option to stop and visit Kualoa Ranch or even plan this excursion around one of their tours and activities or just use the restroom.

We will share a bit about itʻs founder and the sugar industry on Oahu as you see the old Kualoa mill as we drive towards the North Shore.

Learn about the military historyand about some of the filming done in the area.  You will also hear about traditional place names and usages of Kaaawa Valley.

We share how modern surf break names come about during this stretch and as well as a little about fishing methods along the coast.

As we drive along this area we share traditional place names and some of their meanings.  Many of which have to do with fishing.  

You will also learn about traditional land divisions, how to recognize when you cross into a different one, and spot more around the island.

You may have heard surfing called the sport of King and Queens, while thatʻs true, everyone loves to surf.  Even the Godʻs and Goddesses.

Hear a story from the journey of Hiiaka to Kauai through this area and a couple of her legendary surfing adventures along the way.

You have the option to stop at Kahana Bay, a beautiful, often calm and isolated beach and river area great for swimming with the family.

Across the street, you can rent paddle boards and kayaks to explore the river or just stop at the boat ramp for photos and a restroom.

As we leave Kahana Bay weʻll share a story of Kamapuaa, who was associated with the area we are driving through in Windward Oahu.

A legendary demigod, one of his many Kinolau (alternate forms) was a pig, who loved food, mischief, competition, and his family.

Hear more about Gods and Goddesses associated with surfing in Hawaii, especially the ones who help create conditions that bring surf.

You will also hear about one of their interesting surfboards, who was often happy to lend it to other surfers who didnʻt know what it was made from.

Potentially see one of the most rare marine mamals on the planet, the Hawaiian Monk Seal, or ʻdog who runs in rough seas.ʻ

We share the ʻrule of thumbʻ a guide to make sure you are far enough away as well as the traditional place name, which may give clues to why they are here.

You have the option to stop at the Hukilau Marketplace and Polynesian Cultural Center along the route.  You can purchase admission to the Villages at the ticket desk.

However, those hoping to see the luau and dinner show here should book tickets in advance.  But they also have Tutuʻs Sweetshop, Dole Whip and restrooms.

You have the option of visiting Laniloa, known as the Laie Lookout on the way to the North Shore Oahu surf beaches.  Parking is extremely limited.

Itʻs located at the stoplight by the gas station, Foodland and shopping center in Laie.  Weʻll give you a heads up when itʻs approaching.

The Mormon Church has a large presence throught the Pacific.  They also own and operate the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie.

Weʻll share a story about their arrival in the Pacific, point out the Temple, and tell you about one of their most famous potential members in Hawaii.

Guests can visit Hukilau Beach Park in the town of Laie.  It is often calm and good for swimming near the sandy shoreline.

You will also learn what a hukilau is and who it is done as you finish the drive out of the Koolau Caldera and up the Eastern coastline of Oahu.

Guests can add a horse back or ATV ride at the Gunstock Ranch or zip line at Kaena Climbworks.  Just remember to make reservations in advance.

You will also here the story of Laieikawai and her family.  Much of the area is named in honor of them and we will share a bit about that.

Stop at the old Kahuku Sugar Mill food truck complex to sample a variety of local flavors.  There are a wide variety of great options.

The most popular are Giovanniʻs Shrimp, Mikeʻs Huli Chicken, and Da Bald Guy.  But we love Deez Bowls, Hula Hulaʻs, and all the rest.

Learn a bit about the specific deities called upon to create the conditions that build waves and what was asked for to do so.

You will learn more about the fabled floating island of Kane and Kanaloa as you drive towards Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore.

You have the option to visit Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore Oahu Surf and Adventure Tour.  As you do, we will share some information about movies filmed here.

If you are traveling during the winter time, this will probably be the last place to swim on tour.  Generally the waves make conditions unsafe to swim in surf season.

For those who want to visit Kawela Bay on the North Shore we give parking information and additional things to see in the area.

As we drive by we will also share some of the famous Hollywood scenes that were filmed in and around this hidden bay on Oahu.

As you drive towards the 7 Mile Miracle you can stop at Kuilima Fruit Stands for some delicious refreshments and desserts.

There are a variety of local vendors with fresh fruit, vegetables, shave ice, and much more.  There are also portable restrooms here.

Tedʻs Bakery is known for their pies.  They have a variety of delicious flavors including chocolate, coconut and macadamia nut cream options.

But they also have great local food.  There are plate lunches, sandwiches, and they also have shrimp for you to try on the North Shore.

Sunset Beach is one of three stops on the Oahu North Shore surf circuit for the World Surf League.  Which is the professional circuit for the sport.

You will also learn itʻs traditional name and hear a story about a surfer who heard how good the wave was, so he got on his board, and paddled across the channel.

This is one of the most dangerous surf breaks in the World during the winter months.  Surfers travel from all over to try and ride this wave.

It is famous for massive, heavy, hollow waves and surfers try to get as much time in itʻs “barrel” as they can before being driven into the reef.

During the summer months, this Marine Conservation District is one of the most popular places to snorkel on the North Shore of Oahu.

But in the winter, the pools can be quite dangerous.  There is also a complex with food trucks and equipment rentals across the streeet.

During the summer, Waimea Bay is generally calm and great for swimming.  But in the winter, the waves can get over 50 feet tall.

Across the street is Waimea Valley.  There is a waterfall at the end of the walk through a beautiful botanical garden and they often offer beach parking.

While the most famous ʻturtle beachʻ on the island is Laniakea, there are several along this drive.  We give tips on the best ways to park if you decide to stop.

In addition, we end this tour at an area turtles frequent, that doesnʻt cause traffic and give you hints on how far away you should stay if you see a turtle.

There are two macadamia nut stands along the route.  One is by the beginning and Kualoa Ranch and the other is near Haleiwa where this tour ends.

They are both great options and offer samples of macadamia nuts and coffee.  We generally recommend to visit them both, or pick the one that fits the timing better.

Haleiwa Town is just beyond where this self-guided audio tour of the North Shore ends.  It is famous for food, shopping, art galleries, shave ice and much more.

Itʻs a great place to end the day, and the Dole Plantation isnʻt too far beyond that.  If you start this tour earlier in the day, we recommend spending some time exploring the area.

Add More Excursions to this North Shore Oahu Surf Tour

This self-driving Oahu North Shore surf and adventure virtual tour drives you through Koolau Caldera, along the Eastern Coastline and up to the 7 Mile Miracle.  You will probably want to do some more exploring while you are here, so check out our other audio excursions.  Along with the options below, you may want to check out the Ultimate Hawaii Audio Tour Package.

In addition, when you purchase any combo tour where more than one device is recommended, we will provide a discount code for any additional purchases.  Of course any local, military and group discounts apply to combination tours as well as individual routes.

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