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Free and Fun North Shore Oahu Hawaiian Trivia Quiz - Hard(er)

Free and fun way to get more out of your GPS-guided audio tours.  It is hard(er) and fun legendary Hawaiian trivia test.  You can also use the North Shore Oahu surf tests and quests for prospective employees or anyone considering becoming a tour guide.  Give the 25-question Hard(er) Contemporary History test a try today! 

25 Hard(er) Questions

25 Question Hard(er) free and fun quiz for training and retention exercises during the GPS Guided Legendary North Shore Driving Tour. Great for older kids and basic tour training.

Enjoy your Audio Tour and Hawaiian Trivia Quiz?

There is more where that Hawaiian trivia quiz came from!  For those of you looking to see more, we offer a wide variety of downloadable audio tours to help you explore.  There are fun, free interactive mobile scavenger hunts to enhance each excursion.  Make sure to take a look below, and donʻt forget about the great Combination Deals.

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Did you enjoy this audio tour and online brain teasers? Donʻt forget to look at the rest of our GPS-guided excursions and keep the good times going! We offer self-driving, walking, and biking tours on your phone. Explore the places you want at your own pace, with your own family.

Want to keep testing your Hawaii Knowledge?

Did you enjoy the Easy(ish) Waikiki brain quiz and Hawaiian Royalty Pretest?  We have also made fun, and free scavenger hunts for every tour.  If you are looking for something a little more in-depth, make sure to take a look at the Hard(er) Employee history quests.

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